Combining different kinds of arts can be a real challenge. But besides being difficult and taking some extra time for thoughts, it can also bring new ideas, different kinds of creativity and lots of inspiration.

Yesterday was the first performance of a series of 'Silhouettes, inside and out' at Fortyfivedownstairs. It is a interactive live art and performance experience where the audience is invited to join in. Last Monday I helped building up the whole setting for the performance (this includes working on a 4 meter ladder, yikes! but also learning a lot about theatre techniques). It is very interesting to see the whole 'before' for a performance, especially as I had never experienced the 'lights, camera' before the 'action' happened. 

Not having a very clear image of what the show would be like, I wanted to have an open mind to what was coming. First 3 visual artists started painting the silhouettes of the performing artists behind the canvas. After the break, the audience was allowed to paint on the canvas with different materials, according to the music they heard. It was great to see how interactive combining these two art forms was, and even more to see how people help each other and continue on each other's paintings.

It just makes me realize: anything is possible in arts. You don't need boxes to think. You just need an open mind to anything unusual and the rest will follow.

WHO: Silhouettes, inside and out
WHAT: Interactive live art & performing experience
WHERE: Fortyfivedownstairs, Melbourne



If there is one thing I've learned the past few months, it's that the combination of arts and kids is really something magical. The dedication on their faces, their seriousness and persistence of creating something special, their pondering visible in their eyes and their unconditional faith in themselves and their art and most of all their smiles and happiness that art brings them.

It is so wonderful to see how kids tend to get almost adult-like concentration when they work on their art piece. I love to see how they just do whatever they feel like and no matter what the end result looks like in our eyes, they are so proud of what they have just created. The quote that says: "The creative adult is the child that survived" is therefore very true. There is much we can learn from children not being aware just yet of all of their surroundings and perhaps also their very own existence as such, because it is exactly their attitude that creates the most happiness when working on art. Perhaps it is only a happiness that you can experience as a child, but it is as least one to strive for when creating art as an adult. 

I included some photos from yesterday's wonderful Art Community Festival called Under One Moon, carried out by Yarra City Arts here in Melbourne. It was a great day, and without all the dedicated volunteers and community it would not have been such a success!

The lanterns and lantern-making workshops were made possible by Bec's Treehouse, a great organisation set up by Becky, who makes it possible for children all over Melbourne to enjoy art workshops!

Enjoy the photos!

WHO: The community of Richmond
WHAT: Under One Moon Festival 2014
WHERE: Richmond, Melbourne



Hi all!

Last week and this week I have been working together with some other people on the preparation of a community art festival that will take place on October 18th. It's called the 'Under one moon Festival' carried out by Yarra City Arts in Melbourne and the idea is to bring people in the community together through arts and culture. Exactly the type of thing I like. So I decided to become a volunteer for this festival, which also gave me the opportunity to meet other people interested in arts.

Last week we started to make lanterns for the children who will participate in the lantern parade during the festival. I almost forgot how much fun it is to participate in crafts! After a lot of wiring, candle cutting, wrapping and bamboo placing, we are well on our way to create some lovely lanterns. 

I am also asked to take photos during the festival, so hopefully a follow-up can be viewed here next week with some photos of the festival itself.

But for now, enjoy the photos!